Chicago White Sox: Please don’t hire Tony La Russa

The Chicago White Sox should not hire Tony La Russa to be their next manager.

The Chicago White Sox have fired their manager as you have heard by now. Rick Renteria is out so they need to start their search for the next in line. There were some rumors about it being Tony La Russa last night and that would be one of the worst options out there. There are so many better candidates out there which makes La Russa even less appealing than he otherwise would have been. They need a fresh voice in there that can help them get over the edge.

The White Sox have a very attractive situation here right now. It is a star-studded lineup that has the potential to win it all over the next few years. They play in a world-class city like Chicago which is also appealing. They also play in a major market which could help them pull in a big name whether it be a coach or player.

Tony La Russa was a player before becoming a manager but he is known as one of the best managers of all time. He even managed the Chicago White Sox from 1979-1986. He solidified his status as a Hall of Fame manager thanks to his time with the St. Louis Cardinals from 1996-2011. That is also the last time he was a manager of a Major League Baseball team.

That is where the problem lies. The White Sox would be bringing in an older guy out of retirement where he would manage for the first time in ten years. A decade is a long time to go without managing as a lot has changed since then. You have to wonder how he would handle some of the younger players that play a lot differently than they did back in his day.

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Tony La Russa was a great manager during his time but he is not the right fit for the White Sox at this time. Hopefully, Rick Hahn and his staff don’t end up making that decision. They need to really do a much deeper search to avoid a guy who hasn’t managed in a decade.