White Sox: Ozzie Guillen is not coming back, per Rick Hahn

The Chicago White Sox are not bringing back Ozzie Guillen, per Rick Hahn.

The Chicago White Sox fired Rick Renteria. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise based on how the season has ended. The way that pitching and lineup construction was handled made it clear that they needed a change. Rick was a nice guy which makes it tough to see from that point of view but they clearly needed a new manager to help take them to the next level as an organization.

In his end of the season press conference, GM Rick Hahn wouldn’t comment on any attributes that would make him hire someone and he wouldn’t name anyone that could be in consideration. All of that came with one exception as he announced that Ozzie Guillen will not be someone they consider for the job. He noted that Guillen has been notified about that decision out of respect for him.

This may come as a disappointment to a lot of fans and that is fair. He was a great player for the White Sox for a long time and he was an even better manager. He brought a World Series championship to the city of Chicago for the first time so he is a legend forever here. As disappointing as it may be, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise right now.

It is hard to determine whether or not the time will ever be right again but it won’t be any time soon. We as fans still have Ozzie in our lives as he is a big part of the media side of things these days so it isn’t all bad. A lot of people believe he will have a chance to manage in the MLB again with someone (even if it’s not in Chicago) but for now, he will be with the White Sox doing their pre and post-game shows.

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One thing that we can appreciate is Hahn being candid with this situation. He knew that the speculation would surround this topic if he didn’t shut it down quickly so he did and left the meeting with the door closed on the idea. If anything, we just have to hope that whoever they do bring in starts to win a lot of baseball games.