Chicago White Sox: AJ Pierzynski’s comments are interesting

AJ Pierzynski’s recent comments make it seem like he wants to manage the Chicago White Sox.

A.J. Pierzynski is one of the most popular baseball players in the history of Chicago baseball. He was a great player for the Chicago White Sox for a long time and now his name is in baseball news again. He went on ESPN’s “Kap and J. Hood” for a short interview and gave some quotes that might intrigue White Sox fans. He made it clear that he would absolutely be interested in being a Major League manager, including with the Chicago White Sox who now have an open spot.

The White Sox fired Rick Renteria on Monday morning which now has everyone speculating who the next in line is. Pierzynski made it clear that if he was called for an interview and thus offered a job, he would accept it with ease. This is something that may or may not go over well with the fans but it seems to be a good fit for a few reasons.

The first good reason is that he is a brilliant baseball guy. In order to be a Major League catcher for as long as he was, you need to be smart. He has caught some brilliant pitchers like Mark Buehrle, Jon Garland, and Chris Sale so you know that he knows a thing or two about pitching. He might be able to do some things to help these young White Sox arms grow their games.

He is also an experienced winner. Pierzynski was the catcher when the White Sox won the World Series in 2005. It is one of the greatest sports moments in the history of Chicago and he was a huge part of it. Winning another World Series is the ultimate goal now so having someone who knows the grind would go a long way.

The only issue for A.J. now is the criteria that seem to be set for this managerial search. Rick Hahn claimed at his postseason press conference that they are looking for experienced managers to consider for the job. A.J. was experienced as a player but he has never managed a Major League game in his life.

The hope has to be now that Hahn doesn’t limit himself to only a few names because of that criteria. A good portion of the teams playing in the Division Series this year was led by managers on their first job. You need to be given an opportunity somewhere so don’t be surprised to see Pierzynski managing someday whether it is with the White Sox or not.