Chicago White Sox: Does Dallas Keuchel’s Tweet mean anything?

(Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images) /

Does Dallas Keuchel’s Tweet hint at who the next Chicago White Sox manager might be?

As you have heard by now, the Chicago White Sox fired Rick Renteria on Monday morning. It was a bit of a surprise only because of the timing. It shouldn’t be a surprise based on baseball criteria but you would have thought that the announcement came a little bit later. However, it did seem oddly strange that Rick Hahn took so long to do his postseason press conference but it all makes sense. Now, the search for the next guy in line will begin.

Renteria wasn’t the only casualty on Monday as the White Sox also announced that Don Cooper wouldn’t be returning as the pitching coach after almost two decades in that role. There are big changes coming and they are clearly not messing around.

Dallas Keuchel is now one of the prominent players in the Chicago White Sox organization. He was one of the best pitchers in the league during the 2020 season and forms a great 1-2 punch with Lucas Giolito. He has also from day one assumed a leadership role. He demonstrated that with the above Tweet, sharing his thoughts and well wishes for Renteria and Cooper. The intrigue, however, came with his very next Tweet just a few seconds later.

Okay, so Dallas Keuchel thinks that there are some big things ahead for the White Sox. We all do, frankly. Is that what he is hinting at here though? There are people connecting the dots about the potential of what Keuchel means here and it could include his former manager, A.J. Hinch.

Hinch was suspended in 2020 because of his involvement in the Houston Astros cheating scandal. He was then fired and likely won’t be back with them. Dallas Keuchel was a pitcher there in Houston while Hinch was the manager so he is probably the number one candidate on Keuchel’s list. You have to wonder if he knows something about the situation that we don’t.

Hinch is a World Series-winning manager. It is tainted because of the scandal but they did grind through to win. He probably deserves a second chance and will get one in the MLB one day. The question just now remains as to whether or not that day will be sooner than later and with the Chicago White Sox.

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Hinch does know how to handle pitching as good as any free manager out there as well. That is the biggest thing for the White Sox new manager along with lineup construction. Hopefully, if it is A.J. Hinch, he s able to forget the past and start winning with the White Sox playing good clean baseball.