Chicago White Sox: Adam Eaton could be a right field option

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Adam Eaton might be a decent option for the Chicago White Sox in right field.

Adam Eaton was a good player for the Chicago White Sox for three years. It is hard to believe, however, that after 2020 he has officially spent more time with the Washington Nationals than he did with the White Sox. Yesterday, Washington announced that they were going to decline their 2021 club options and he will be a free agent. You have to wonder if he would consider coming back to the White Sox as they have a glaring need for a right fielder.

How did we get here with Eaton? Well, each team involved made a trade that they would each make 100 times over again. The Nationals acquired Eaton from the Sox in exchange for Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, and Dane Dunning. A few years later, Washington won the World Series and Adam Eaton was a good player for them en route. When you win the World Series, that justifies just about every move you make ahead of doing so.

The White Sox, however, got an ace pitcher out of it. Lucas Giolito is one of the best pitchers in the world now a few years after the trade. We don’t exactly know what Reynaldo Lopez or Dane Dunning will be for sure yet but anything can happen with them. Each team got something they needed desperately.

Now, the White Sox have a chance to get Eaton back if they can’t find a better option for right field. He didn’t have the best year of all time in 2020 but again, it was just a 60 game season where some guys didn’t find the rhythm that we are used to seeing them have. The Nats also weren’t that good around him which didn’t help things.

He turns 32 years old on December 6th so you know there is a lot of really good baseball left in him. He should be able to bounce right back if he has a normal Spring Training and a full 162 game season. The Nationals didn’t pick up the club option but the fact that they are probably going to retool might have a lot to do with it.

Hot. The Chicago White Sox need someone who can manage the pitching. light

If a World Series contender were able to pick him up for some depth and good defense, they might enjoy his services. The White Sox can absolutely be that team if both parties are interested. They can both also view it as an opportunity for two parties who are familiar with each other to reunite. Eaton might not be the first choice in right-field but he certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice either.