Chicago White Sox: Luis Robert is nominated for RoY

(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

Chicago White Sox superstar Luis Robert is nominated for the Rookie of the Year.

Once baseball returned in 2020, Luis Robert was the talk of the town. The Chicago White Sox rookie was so sensational this season and deserves a lot of credit for it. Well, there isn’t much more credit given than being nominated for the American League Rookie of the Year in your first year. Robert was great as a rookie and is nominated for that award. He joins Kyle Lewis of the Seattle Mariners and Cristian Javier of the Houston Astros.

All three of those guys had phenomenal seasons and deserve to win for multiple reasons. For Luis Robert, he was a key piece to the White Sox taking a big step forward in 2020. He plays a premier defensive position  (centerfield) at an elite level along with being one of the best hitters in the league. He was described as a true five-tool player going into the season and that is exactly what he was.

Going into 2021, the White Sox are going to need him to be one of their best players. He has the potential to be one of the five best baseball players in the world and he showed that skill in 2020. He didn’t look like a rookie for most of the season which is why he was so good.

One knock on Robert was the way he finished the season. He didn’t have the best few weeks to end the season as people started to catch on to the way he approaches hitting. It was only a 60 game season so a slump that would have taken place in mid-may took place in September without much time to adjust out of it. It is fair to assume that he is going to come out on fire in 2021 after another offseason of work.

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Robert hit 11 home runs, had 31 RBIs, and led the White Sox with nine stolen bases. Those awesome offensive numbers along with some elite defensive centerfield had his WAR at 1.1 which was really good for a young rookie. Of all three nominees, he has the highest ceiling no matter how the voting goes. It is exciting for him to be nominated for this award and all we can do now is hope he takes it home. Next year is going to be so fun for us as we watch him play a full season.