White Sox: Chicago’s best MLB team going into 2021

The Chicago White Sox are the best Major League Baseball team that plays in Chicago.

The Chicago Cubs have dominated Chicago baseball (on the field) for a while there but the Chicago White Sox made a big turnaround in 2020. The Sox were better than the Cubs in every way but people don’t seem to realize it yet. There are plenty of people around the Chicagoland area that are not ready for the sustained success that the White Sox are going to have. This team is good and is only going to get better as time goes on.

The Sox slumped a little bit in the final week of the season. They ended with a record of 35-25 as a result of that slump. They tied with the Cleveland Indians who had the right to second place as a result of a tiebreaker. The Minnesota Twins took the division with one more win and one less loss. It was a very tight race until the very end.

The Cubs finished in the first place and won the National League Central. They did it with a 34-26 record. A lot of their fans liked to use that as ammo against White Sox fans as their team came in first and ours came in third. The truth is, however, that the White Sox, Indians, and Twins would have all won the NL Central with their records. The AL Central was so much better in every way and the three top teams in it would have owned the NL Central top spot.

Now, the White Sox have a young core that has a bright future while the Cubs are on the decline. We know that Luis Robert, Lucas Giolito, Yoan Moncada, Tim Anderson, and Eloy Jimenez will be leading the way for a very long time. Add in veterans like Jose Abreu, Yasmani Grandal, and Dallas Keuchel and you have yourself a very good team.

Meanwhile, the Cubs don’t know how long they are going to be able to retain stars like Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, Willson Contreras, and Anthony Rizzo. Some of those guys might stick around but it hard to see all of them staying.

Another knock on the Cubs is the fact that Theo Epstein’s days are numbered. His contract is up after the 2021 season and there is very little chance that he comes back. Some people think he might even be shown the door before then so they can move on. They are a worse team without Theo but they need to think about their future first and foremost.

The White Sox are right where the Cubs were in 2015 when they were ready to take a big step. There are always going to be people who just refuse to give them the credit that they deserve but this is a great team only getting better. The 2021 White Sox will be the best MLB team playing in Chicago.