Chicago White Sox receive some Cy Young love from voters

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(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox received some love from Cy Young Award voters.

We all know that the Chicago White Sox need some pitching help going into 2021. The thing is, however, that the pitching help they need is more for the depth of their rotation and bullpen because there are some studs at the top. That was evident when the 2020 Cy Young Award voting results came out and had Lucas Giolito and Dallas Keuchel featured as top-seven finishers.

Shane Bieber of the Cleveland Indians was the unanimous winner. He was a lock to be the winner from the minute the season ended because he was so good. There is a good chance that he received some MVP votes and we will find out later today but the Cy Young Award is his.

Everyone knows that Lucas Giolito is the White Sox ace pitcher. He came in seventh place for the AL Cy Young with 18 points. The cool part is that he wasn’t even the highest White Sox player on the list as Dallas Keuchel came in fifth with 46 points. The most impressive part about the results is that he had five-second place votes. It was nice to see Keuchel come in and be an impact player to that degree.

Giolito had his second straight top-seven finish as he came in sixth place for his 2019 season. He had a bad Opening Day start and then was money from that point on. His season peaked when he threw his first career no-hitter in a dominant performance against the Pittsburgh Pirates. It was one of the greatest showings from a pitcher in a no-hitter in MLB history.

As for Keuchel, nobody really knew what to expect from him this season. He had been a bit up and down since actually winning the Cy Young in 2015. This is the first time he received a single vote since that time so it is good to see him back amongst the best in the AL. Hopefully, he is able to carry some of that elite play into 2021.

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Both of these guys are so important to the future of the team. Giolito will be there long as he is younger with more team control but Keuchel will also be huge in helping so many young players around him. He has so much experience in the postseason that it should prove to be valuable in the future. The White Sox are lucky to have both of them leading the staff and they are well deserving of their 2020 Cy Young consideration.