Chicago White Sox: Three trade packages for Blake Snell

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Chicago White Sox Andrew Vaughn
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Trade Two

The Chicago White Sox might consider giving up their number one prospect if they believe that it puts them over the edge in the American League. It would be hard to argue with their pitching staff if they had Blake Snell. Add the fact that they have one of the best offenses in all of Major League Baseball and it makes it sound more intriguing.

Andrew Vaughn is an amazing prospect. He was the third overall pick in the 2019 MLB Draft so you know he has some skills. He has a big power bat and plays first base. The thing is, if they gave him up, they will have Jose Abreu and his MVP winning self there for a while. Vaughn would probably get the trade done as a leading piece because of how good he is at hitting.

Micker Adolfo is only the White Sox tenth-best prospect, according to MLB dot com. However, if you get a number one and number ten prospect for your starting pitcher that you are actively shopping, you probably did well in the trade. The Rays are a low-budget team so this move doesn’t necessarily indicate that they are rebuilding after losing the World Series. It does say that they are looking to get younger and cheaper before it is too late.