White Sox: Nick Madrigal’s four-hit game stands out above all

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

Nick Madrigal’s four-hit game for the Chicago White Sox stands out as his signature moment.

The Chicago White Sox have a great player with Nick Madrigal. He is a fantastic second baseman defensively with Gold Glove potential. He also has some of the best pure contact ability in the entire White Sox organization. He can hit baseballs fair but they don’t go very far. He knows how to put it in play for a single and that is his best attribute as an offensive player. He isn’t going to wow anyone with great power numbers but if he can keep getting these base hits, the White Sox have plenty of players who can drive him in.

The White Sox waited a week into the shortened 60 game season to get Madrigal in the MLB to manipulate his service time. Well, Madrigal went his first two games (both against the Kansas City Royals) without a hit. That is okay, however, as it takes a few guys some time. He followed that up, on August 2nd, with a remarkable four-hit game in the series finale of the Royals series. He hit four singles in five at-bats and scored on two of those four trips to the base pads. He also recorded his first career RBI in this game as well.

It was a fantastic day for Nick Madrigal. After that remarkable four-hit performance in his third career game, he played in 26 more games. Out of those 26 games, he had at least one hit in 20 of those games which are remarkable. It led to him having a great .340 batting average in 29 career games. It is a small sample size but it does give reasons to be excited.

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This game against the Royals propelled him to have a great finish to the season. There was a bit of an injury in the middle of his season for him but he bounced back nicely. If he can make his offensive game just a bit more multi-dimensional he will be a great all-around player for the White Sox. He will surely remember this four-hit game against the Royals as the signature moment of his rookie season. Big things are ahead for Nick Madrigal.