White Sox: McCann’s signature moment was Giolito’s no-hitter

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

James McCann of the Chicago White Sox should be so proud of the Lucas Giolito no-hitter.

The Chicago White Sox had some great moments in 2020. The biggest one of them all came in a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on August 25th. It was an outstanding performance by Lucas Giolito as he threw his first career no-hitter. As great of a performance, as it was by the White Sox ace, James McCann deserves a lot of credit for helping get it done. Of course, it is mainly Giolito’s moment but it is also McCann’s signature moment of the 2020 season.

To throw a no-hitter, there is no doubt that you need a little bit of luck. With that said, Giolito was about as dominant as anyone has ever been in a no-hitter. He threw a remarkable 13 strikeouts en route to the win and no-hitter. The only reason it wasn’t a perfect game is that he issued a four-pitch walk to Erik Gonzalez in the fourth inning. That just shows how good the chemistry is between McCann and Giolito.

It came out afterward that Giolito only shook off James McCann one time the entire game. That means that Giolito had an insane amount of confidence in McCann’s ability to call a game. It worked out for them both as they were able to get it done. It was a performance by McCann that is clearly his 2020 signature moment.

It might seem odd that McCann’s signature moment comes in a time where Giolito was given all the praise but his importance to it can’t be undermined. Without a good game from the catcher, a no-hitter is impossible. It is even more impossible to have a no-hitter that dominant where the other team pretty much has no chance.

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McCann should be very proud of this moment. It should go down as one of his best regular-season performances of his entire career, if not the best. Without him being as good as he was on that night, there would not have been a no-hitter. McCann also helped the cause with his bat as he had a hit, RBI, and run scored. It was a great night for him overall to earn this 2020 signature moment.