MLB Network shows horrible White Sox trade proposal with Rays

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The Chicago White Sox could make a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays but it should be smart.

As soon as it came out that the Tampa Bay Rays were shopping Blake Snell, every team’s fanbase started to wonder what it would take for their team to land that guy. He is a very good pitcher. Even the Chicago White Sox fanbase put out some trade packages to consider. However, MLB Network showed a White Sox trade package with the Rays that should absolutely never be considered. Snell is a good pitcher, maybe even great, but he isn’t Clayton Kershaw in his prime or anything like that.

This trade package came from an article in “The Athletic” that had the White Sox giving up Michael Kopech, Andrew Vaughn, and Jonathan Stiever for Blake Snell. This is not something that the White Sox should consider because it is giving up way too much for three years of control for Blake Snell.

It would be fair to consider one of Vaughn or Kopech along with Stiever for Snell but not both. That is way too big a risk, especially with a team you might see in the American League playoffs. Both of those guys (Kopech, Vaughn) have legit potential to be superstars in this league and should be able to join this budding core and help them win a lot of baseball games.

Kopech is a stud pitcher that can throw the ball 100 miles per hour with ease. He opted out of the 2020 COVID-19 season but he is going to be ready to go by Spring Training in 2021. This is a big year for him in his development. By the end of it all, he could be a significantly better player than Snell. As for Vaughn, he is a power-hitting first baseman that could put up incredible numbers one day. His prime lines up almost perfectly with the end of Jose Abreu’s career.

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Of course, this is not something that is guaranteed to happen by any means. Neither team is for sure going to make a trade at all but it does seem like a fit. The White Sox need a third starter that they know will be great and Snell would be that. This trade package is just way too much at this point in time. Hopefully, they are not inept enough to make a trade like this.