Three Chicago White Sox free agents to bring back in 2021

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Chicago White Sox Luis Robert
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The Chicago White Sox could bring back some of their own free agents in 2021.

The Chicago White Sox were a great team in 2020. They have been working on a rebuild for a while now and it is all finally starting to come together. There are veterans and young players that are together now that are playing great baseball. This is an organization that believes they are close to winning the World Series. They made it to the playoffs in 2020 so that was a great first step for them in their quest to win it all.

Of course, the last thing that they want to do is take any steps back. They have a great opportunity to take advantage of a wide-open window. Like we see in sports on a regular basis, windows can slam shut quickly and the White Sox want to avoid that. The White Sox need to keep developing their young players and start supplementing them with even more good players around them.

Well, the first key to doing that might be retaining some of the guys on their own roster that are now free agents. There are some pretty good players that played for them in 2020 that could be on the move if the White Sox don’t act on it quickly.

In addition to some of their own free agents, there are good players out there that weren’t a part of the White Sox organization before. Those guys are always harder to recruit because they don’t have any experience playing for them. The guys who are White Sox free agents probably know how good this team is going to be in the not so distant future. These are the three White Sox free agents to consider bringing back: