Three Chicago White Sox free agents to bring back in 2021

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Chicago White Sox James McCann
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C. Chicago White Sox. James McCann. 33. player. 128.

The Chicago White Sox were so lucky to have James McCann for two years. He was an all-star catcher in year one and followed it up with an even better second year. He is in line to get himself a loaded contract for a lot of years from whoever sees him as their long term catcher. The White Sox would be wise to bring him back because of all the things he brings that helps the team win.

The White Sox probably are going to deal with losing McCann because they chose to sign Yasmani Grandal to a four-year deal. In any given year, Grandal can be the best catcher in all of Major League Baseball. McCann is amazing but he has never been the number one best catcher in the world but that doesn’t mean he isn’t amazing.

Like Grandal, McCann is great at both sides of the ball. He can hit and play elite defensively. That was proven with his offensive numbers this year and the fact that he was nominated for the Gold Glove. This is the type of player that is going to gain a lot of interest across Major League Baseball. He is a great hitter at a premium position and plays that position very well.