White Sox Rumors: Three targets at 2020 Winter Meetings

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Chicago White Sox Alex Colome
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The Chicago White Sox may or may not bring back Alex Colome. They would really like to have him back for a few reasons. The first is the fact that he is just a really good player. He has earned a whole lot of saves in his MLB career and a lot of them have been over the past two seasons with the White Sox. The second is the fact that he is familiar with the organization. Bringing him back would mean that there would be no “getting used to a new environment” excuses for anything.

If the White Sox don’t bring back Colome, it would be a big blow to the team. They have a pretty nice bullpen set up with him at the end of it. If he chooses to go to another team, they would really have to push hard to either trade or sign someone who can fill the role going forward.

If all else fails, Aaron Bummer might be a good option for that spot. He could close ballgames that the White Sox lead in if he absolutely had to but it wouldn’t be the preferred role for him. He has been amazing for the White Sox as a setup man so if they could keep him there at all possible, that would be great. Either way, figuring out who is going to be the closer going forward is something that would be nice to see during the Winter Meetings this year.