FanSided 250: Chicago White Sox ranked higher than Cubs

(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox fandom is taking over baseball in this city.

The FanSided 250 ranking is out yet again and it was a great year for the Chicago White Sox fanbase. They have been placed as the 63rd best fanbase in entertainment which is the seventh-best of any team in Major League Baseball. That is a big accomplishment for a team that has often been considered the second team in the second city. It is our time to shine as a fanbase, especially since the team is about to be really good.

On this list, the White Sox managed to be ahead of the Chicago Cubs. That, even as a White Sox fan, seems crazy. It makes sense when you really dive deep, however. The Cubs draw a lot of people because of a wonderful experience at the ballpark. A lot of people show up at Wrigley Field because it is a very fun time. There is no doubt that if you put baseball aside, Wrigley is one of the funniest places to be in Chicago during the summer.

With that said, as far as being a pure fan of their team, you don’t beat the White Sox fan. These people show up to that stadium for their team and their team is the main reason that they go. When the team is bad, they are vocal about it and when they are good they show up in bunches. This is a proud fanbase that would be ecstatic if their team won it all. It might be a smaller group, but it is one of the best.

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So, where are the two Chicago teams headed on the field? Well, the White Sox are buyers right now as the Winter Meetings go on across the baseball world. The Cubs, on the other hand, seem to be sellers as they try to retool their roster. It will certainly be interesting to see how each fanbase handles success and failure as each team will certainly experience both over the next few years. Hopefully, the White Sox fans are able to keep up being the better of the two fanbases.