White Sox: The good, bad, and ugly of Carlos Rodon’s career

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Chicago White Sox Carlos Rodon
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Injuries ruined what could have been a great career for the White Sox.

Carlos Rodon’s rookie season was a pretty healthy one but the injuries quickly started to pile up for the young pitcher. In 2016 he didn’t miss any significant time but he did suffer a sprained wrist. This injury didn’t seem to do too much damage because he still had a relatively solid season.

2017 and 2018 was a rough time for Rodon. He suffered a bicep injury which kept him out until June. He was also suffering from shoulder inflammation that was bothering him the following season a well. As talked about in the last slide, Rodon wasn’t necessarily healthy in 2018 but he did at least start 20 games.

Those previously mentioned two years gave way to what was to come. After just seven games in 2019, Rodon was shut down for Tommy John surgery. He has talked in the past about his rough road to recovery. Some pitchers can get the surgery and be fine, others aren’t so lucky.

The Tommy John surgery used to completely ruin a player’s career but with modern-day training, many pitchers have had successful comebacks from it. In Rodon’s case, he was never the same, although you can argue he was never the same after his rookie season as well.

Rodon’s 2020 was a low-point for his Sox career. He only started two games and got completely rocked in both. He was quickly shut down once again and didn’t come back until late September as a reliever.

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The Carlos Rodon draft pick was a miss by the White Sox from a time where they were playing for mediocrity. After making the playoffs for the first time in 12 years the Sox have moved on to a new era and parting ways with Carlos seemed to be something that needed to happen.