Chicago White Sox: This is the perfect lineup for the 2021 season

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Chicago White Sox Nick Madrigal
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9. Nick Madrigal – 2B

The Chicago White Sox are in a good spot with their lineup if a hitter like Nick Madrigal is batting ninth. He made his Major League debut in 2020 and was awesome. He is one of the most unique hitters in the history of the White Sox as he is simply is just good at contact hitting. He slashed .340/.376/.369 in his first season. For a player with an average as good as Madrigal had, the rest of the slash line doesn’t really match.

He has little to no power in his game and likely never will. He will never hit a crazy amount of home runs but you can always count on him to get on base with a good amount of regularity. The good part about this is that if he does bat ninth in this perfect lineup, Tim Anderson, Jose Abreu, and Yoan Moncada are great players to be protecting him.

If Madrigal is able to get on base the way we know he can, he should be able to score a lot of runs with those guys hitting behind him. Late in the game, the number nine hitter coming up might be annoying to some teams but the White Sox won’t mind it at all.

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The guys at the top of the order will love having a guy like Madrigal hitting down there. That means they will have a lot of great opportunities to cash in. It is a great lineup constructed as it is here. They are going to be such a great team in 2021 and this lineup is going to put up a lot of runs. If the lineup card was as perfect as it is in this post, people won’t do much complaining about the way Tony La Russa does it.