Chicago White Sox: This is the perfect lineup for the 2021 season

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Chicago White Sox Yasmani Grandal
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4. Yasmani Grandal – C

In any given year, Yasmani Grandal can be the best catcher in Major League Baseball. The reason people say that is because of the fact that he can do everything well. He can hit very well and he plays great defensive catcher. His power is as good as any catcher in the league which makes him a good person to have in the middle of your lineup. That makes him a great option to protect Jose Abreu who will be right ahead of him.

Grandal is also elite at drawing walks. You don’t see as many power bats drawing the walks at the rate that he does but it is nice to have. He can get on base which would allow some of the great talent (big power) that hits behind him to take advantage. In a full 162 game season, Grandal has the potential to be one of the White Sox best hitters.

The White Sox won’t have James McCann in 2021. McCann has been a part of the organization for the past two seasons and was brilliant in both of them. He was an All-Star in year one and was even better in year two. He will no longer be there to relieve Grandal at times so there is a good chance that Grandal plays in a lot of baseball games. There are a few options within the organization to be his backup but he will get lots of playing time.