White Sox : Three updated trade ideas to acquire for Kris Bryant

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Chicago White Sox Kris Bryant
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Trade One

The Chicago Cubs are not going to get any team’s top prospect anymore for Bryant. There is no way that the White Sox would give up a player like Michael Kopech, Andrew Vaughn, or Nick Madrigal for a guy like Bryant. They might have made a trade like that a few years ago but that isn’t the case anymore. They need to supplement their core that they have built but they can’t ruin the farm for just anyone.

Bryant would be nice to have but he wouldn’t necessarily move the needle at this point. He also might but he would have to prove himself. Jonathan Stiever and Jake Burger are great young prospects who can become good players someday but they aren’t locked to become that. Jonathan Stiever is the White Sox number six prospect and Jake Burger is the number 13 prospect in the organization.

If the Cubs wanted to get rid of Bryant, at this point it would be smart to do a trade like this. Stiever is a great young pitcher who should be able to help them in the present and future. Their pitching is starting to get thin so adding a young guy like that could really help. As for Jake Burger, he is still a project. He was drafted as a big power bat but some injuries have derailed his development. If the Cubs fixed him up, it could reap a big reward.