White Sox : Three updated trade ideas to acquire for Kris Bryant

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Chicago White Sox Kris Bryant
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Trade Three

The Chicago White Sox have a lot of pitching in the pipeline. They have, despite being a worse team in recent memory, been better at developing pitching than the Chicago Cubs. The Theo Epstein group won a World Series with the Cubs and that came with the development of almost no pitching. All of it came from other organizations for the most part which is an impressive feat in its own right. Now, they might be looking to add some pitching of their own.

The White Sox would absolutely be willing to let some mid-level prospects go for Kris Bryant. The Cubs probably won’t get much more than that so they might consider it themselves. Andrew Dalquist is a right-handed pitcher who still has a lot of development left to go. He was taken in the third round of the 2019 MLB Draft and is currently listed as the White Sox number ten prospect.

As for Jimmy Lambert, he is already in the MLB. He made his debut during the 2020 season and had two appearances. It was a short two-inning stint but he was effective in those two innings. He was drafted by the White Sox in the 5th round of the 2016 MLB Draft and is currently listed as the number 14 prospect in the organization.

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We don’t know if the White Sox would even be willing to give up this much for a player like Kris Bryant but it is worth at least considering. The Cubs are in a weird spot with him because of his past success, his recent failure, and his contract situation. All of this makes him hard to value as a player which makes it hard to predict where he will land. Hopefully, the White Sox do whatever they have to do to get over the hump with or without a trade like this.