Chicago White Sox: Is Trevor Bauer still an option?

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Is Trevor Bauuer still an option for the Chicago White Sox this offseason?

The Chicago White Sox are in a very good spot with their lineup, pitching rotation, and bullpen. They have a lot of great pieces that can help them win a World Series over the next few years. A lot of it has come from the rebuild that they began after the disaster of a 2016 season. It has been long and painful but this team is ready to win now heading into 2021. With that said, they are still trying to improve their chances during the offseason.

They started to show the baseball world that they were coming during the 2020 season. They ended a 12-year playoff drought and sure were exciting to watch along the way. Free agents around the league probably took notice and the White Sox should try and go for more of them. Trevor Bauer is the biggest free agent of the 2020-21 offseason and still hasn’t chosen a new team.

Bauer is a big social media guy and loves making content for his fans online. He is making a big thing of the fact that he is a free agent and where he will sign. Are the White Sox out on Trevor Bauer at this point of the game? The answer is probably yes but you never know. It is a small chance at this point but he would be a perfect fit on a one or two-year deal.

The White Sox have a lot of money to spend but they clearly want to spend it wisely and not strap themselves down to a bad contract. Bauer really only wants short term deals, according to himself on many occasions. If he joined this White Sox team right now, they would have to be World Series favorites in the American League.

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He would join a group of Lucas Giolito, Lance Lynn, and Dallas Keuchel which would form one amazing playoff rotation. Add in Dylan Cease or Michael Kopech to round it out and you have one of the best rotations in the league. As mentioned before, it seems unlikely but it would be really cool (and smart) for both sides to consider.