Chicago White Sox: Where does Dallas Keuchel fit in rotation?

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Where does Dallas Keuuchel fit in the Chicago White Sox pitching rotation?

The Chicago White Sox have a brilliant group of young players in their organization. They have one of the best offensive starting lineups in the entire league and there are some very good defenders amongst them. Their bullpen is no joke either so if they get into the later innings with a lead they are in good shape on most nights. The thing that had some people concerned going into the offseason is their starting rotation. Dallas Keuchel came in and was brilliant in 2020 so where does he fit in for 2021?

The White Sox made a huge splash this offseason when they traded Dane Dunning to the Texas Rangers for Lance Lynn. Dunning is going to be a solid MLB pitcher but Lynn is a borderline superstar with some of the numbers he has accumulated in recent years. With his acquisition, it is fair to wonder where Dallas Keuchel is going to fit into the rotation. Keuchel was slightly better than all three big pitchers the White Sox have in 2020 but it is fair to think he is the third-best overall.

Regardless of who you think is best, there is one way to roll out the rotation to begin 2020. Lucas Giolito is your number one. He is the guy taking the ball on Opening Day and in their first game of every playoff series. He is their young gun that was one of the key pieces to the rebuilding process and is a major success story. He is also a right-handed pitcher.

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Keuchel is a left-handed pitcher so it makes sense to have him right behind Giolito. Then, Lynn is a righty so having him third is perfect. Rotating the handedness of pitchers could really help the White Sox in an effort to defeat a team in a series. It is also nice to reward what Keuchel did for them in 2020 by making him the official number two starter. You can evaluate performance as the 2021 season goes along to set a playoff rotation. No matter what, this is going to be a solid rotation with these three leading the way.