White Sox: Adam Engel’s signature moment saved a no-hitter

(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

Lucas Giolito of the Chicago White Sox was very lucky to have Adam Engel in right field the day he threw a no-hitter.

It was amazing when Lucas Giolito threw his first career no-hitter for the Chicago White Sox early in the 2020 season. It was a sign that the team was coming together and going to do great things. As much credit as Giolito gets, as he should, there were some players who helped him reach that 27th out without allowing a single hit. In order to do something like that, all of the defenders need to have a perfect game as well.

One of the players who did that was Adam Engel. For whatever reason, he was the guy playing right field at that moment in time and Giolito has a no-hitter as a result. He made the big play for the 27th out to earn the White Sox the shutout victory and Giolito the no-hitter. It was a fly ball to right field that only would have been caught by someone who was able to get a great read and jump on it.

Adam Engel was able to pick up the ball off the bat and make a run to his left and catch the ball. It was an impressive catch that you can’t just assume is going to be made. Off the bat, it actually looked like Giolito missed his chance at his no-hitter on the 27th out but Engel was there to save the day.

The second that Engel made the catch, the team went into a state of euphoria as they celebrated their teammate. It was well documented how dominant Giolito was in the game with all of his strikeouts and quick work of hitters but a few web gems were needed and Engel capped it off with one. That is his signature moment of the season by far. The fact that it was the game-winning moment made it even more special.

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Hopefully, Engel is able to have clutch defensive moments like that again in 2021 because they might need some. This team is going to be very good so locking down those close wins with defense is very important.