Chicago White Sox: 2020 was actually fun on the field

(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox actually had a good year on the field.

Tonight at midnight, we say goodbye to the awful year of 2020 forever. We will always want to think about how tough it was as little as possible but there were some positives to take from it. First of all, it taught us that the little things in life are very important. It also taught us that we might have taken sports for granted. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone and Chicago White Sox fans felt it as much as anyone.

We went into 2020 Spring Training with pure excitement for what the team can be. They made so many new additions and were looking very good in the exhibition games before it came to a dramatic pause with no warning. COVID-19 hit the United States of America and the league was shut down for a long time as a result. Then, labor negotiations got in the way of a timely start so we were only given 60 games.

In those 60 games, the White Sox actually turned it around and became that powerhouse team that we have been expecting them to become. They slumped a little bit in the final week of the season and that was the difference between being the one seed and the seven seed. En route to their first playoff appearance in 12 years, however, they were incredibly entertaining to watch.

There was great pitching, great offense, and a lot of great young players who came in and made a big impact in year one. This is the type of team that you watch and notice that they have the makings of a team that can do something really special. Of course, nothing is handed out for free in baseball but if you have the right talent and work hard, good things will happen.

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2020 is over and the White Sox have to be as happy about that as any team in Major League Baseball. 2021 could see them do something very special. Hopefully, we will be allowed back in the ballpark so we can see it for ourselves.