Chicago White Sox: Five rookies who made heads turn in 2020

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Nick Madrigal’s debut season was amazing and unique in 2020 for the Chicago White Sox.

If you ask a random White Sox fan who the most impactful rookie of 2020 was, most would say it was Luis Robert. Those people are probably right but there is no denying that Nick Madrigal was right behind him. He had a great season in a year that we expected to see him from pretty early on. It sort of went exactly how you would expect it to go for him in year one.

The White Sox did manipulate his service time so he had to wait about a week to make his MLB debut. He had one little injury so he got in 29 games out of 60. It wasn’t bad for the kid as he had a .340 batting average. The thing about Madrigal is that he is very unique. He is probably one of the most unique players the White Sox have ever had. He had that .340 batting average but his total slash line was .340/.376/.369. He is the king of hitting single base hits and not much more right now.

Madrigal may never hit more than five home runs in a season but he will get on base in the nine-spot with the elite hitters hitting right behind him. He also plays really good defensive second base so that is another plus. His glove had issues in the playoffs but it was his first time ever playing in the MLB Postseason and those things happen. Madrigal is a really great player and should help the White Sox win a lot of games moving forward.