Andrew Benintendi makes a lot of sense for Chicago White Sox

(Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)
(Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox makes a lot of sense for Andrew Benintendi.

The Boston Red Sox have had a tough go since winning the World Series in 2018. That season saw them be the best team from wire to wire and they were truly one of the best teams of all time. Now, more of their core might be on its way out after a few years of tear down. Well, Mark Feinsand of MLB dot com and MLB Network said that sources are telling him that the Red Sox might trade away Andrew Benintendi. The Chicago White Sox should strongly consider.

The Chicago White Sox have a lot of people predicting that Eloy Jimenez will be their designated hitter instead of their left fielder. The projected lineup on MLB Network stated that very opinion as well. It just doesn’t seem to make sense right now because they don’t have anyone that should be the full time left fielder defensively. There are plenty of people to be the DH, however.

Now, if the White Sox added someone like Benintendi, they could absolutely make Jimenez the DH. He has been a good left fielder in the past and has been known to be a streaky hitter during his time with the Boston Red Sox. He had a 2020 season to forget as he only played in 14 games for the Red Sox but in every year prior you would claim that he makes whatever team is on better. His career WAR of 9.8 in five years (even including the -0.2 WAR 2020) suggests that further.

A defensive left field of Andrew Benintendi, Luis Robert, and Adam Eaton could shine bright for the White Sox if assembled that way. With Adam Engel as the fourth outfielder, you could really have one of the best groups in the league. The potential is there to get something done and bring him in if both the White Sox and Red Sox agreed to make it happen.

As you can see, Benintendi has a few more years before he hits free agency with one more arbitration year (2022) left. The 6.6 million would not be bad at all to put him in left, make Jimenez a DH, and solidify the lineup. He also brings some World Series experience which is something that this team needs. He has won the whole thing with Boston, as mentioned before, and not many players on the White Sox have made it past the first round.

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Before making a decision like this (for a left fielder), they would have to make sure that it is okay with Eloy Jimenez. Normally, players shouldn’t dictate who comes in but he is the type of player that you want to make feel good. If Jimenez feels that being a DH will stunt his hitting, then they have to deal with him in left field. If he is up to the challenge, then maybe they can make a few calls.