White Sox: Adam Eaton shouldn’t keep them from upgrading RF

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The Chicago White Sox should not allow Adam Eaton to keep them from upgrading right field.

The Chicago White Sox have made some big moves over the past few seasons. Dallas Keuchel, Yasmani Grandal, Luis Robert, Adam Eaton, Liam Hendriks have all signed and there have been big trades for players like Lucas Giolito, Yoan Moncada, Lance Lynn, and Eloy Jimenez amongst others. Things are looking up and it is so exciting to be a fan of this team. As of now, they are set up for sustained success more than they ever have been in the history of the team.

Adam Eaton is mentioned as one of those players that have been signed. He is, as of right now, the right fielder for 2021. Just because they brought him in, however, doesn’t mean they have to roll with him as the everyday right fielder. He is a fine player but he isn’t the best option for them at that position. There are better players out there who could play the position if they wanted to shell out some more cash.

Obviously, George Springer is the big one. Not only is he the best outfield free agent, but he is also probably the best free-agent position player. Springer and Trevor Bauer headline the free-agent class of 2020-21. Springer is 31 and wants a lucrative deal that will last anywhere from 5-6 years so it is a risk but it is one worth taking.

Springer has mostly been one of the best players in all of baseball for the past half-decade or so. He is a World Series champion and has shown that he can perform well in the playoffs. Of course, there is the elephant in the room that is the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal. That was something that he was absolutely a part of and deserves to have that asterisk next to his name. He did, however, prove in 2020 that he is still an elite player as he came in 13th for the AL MVP.

Springer isn’t the only guy available still, however. There are guys like Cameron Maybin, Yasiel Puig, or Josh Reddick amongst others. There are also guys who can move to right field from left/center like Joc Pederson, Jackie Bradley Jr., or Michael Brantley. Some of these might be unlikely but the point is that they don’t absolutely have to settle for Adam Eaton just because he already signed.

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Luis Robert and Eloy Jimenez are already there which is two-thirds of an elite offensive outfield. Jimenez needs to work on his defensive abilities but he sure can hit. Adam Eaton and Adam Engel will both get their fair share of playing time in the outfield as well but they can always look to improve. They might roll with this group and will most likely be fine but they don’t have to settle if something better presents itself.