Chicago White Sox: Three designated hitter free agents to add

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Chicago White Sox Brad Miller
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The Chicago White Sox landing Brad Miller probably wouldn’t excite too many people but having him as a backup option wouldn’t be a terrible idea. He would probably start the season as the DH and then hand it over to Andrew Vaughn once he proves he can do it full time. If they failed to land Cruz or Ozuna this offseason, going after him would be okay.

In 2020, he wasn’t an all-star or anything but he was a plus WAR player at 0.9. He played with the St. Louis Cardinals where he had seven home runs, 25 RBIs, and 21 runs scored. His batting average wasn’t all that but he clearly can get on base at a decent clip. He slashed .232/.357/.451 with an OPS of .807. Those numbers wouldn’t make the White Sox worse by any means and would be a massive improvement over what they had as the DH in previous years.

If for whatever reason, the White Sox dealt with a short-term injury or two, he has also been known to be a utility infielder. He has played in the American League and National League over his eight-year MLB career. Again, he isn’t the first choice but he is a veteran that might be able to come in and make somewhat of an impact on this lineup. He would also have a lot of elite players surrounding him. If a guy with a .807 OPS is your worst hitter, you probably have a really good team.

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Getting a stable designated hitter is a big key for this White Sox team. The position may be in good hands after 2021 but it would be nice to see what they can do for the position this season. Spring Training is coming up fast and there are still some good players out there. Hopefully, the White Sox can make one or two more moves to improve their chances of winning the World Series.