Chicago White Sox: Yoan Moncada is left off top-10 3B list

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The MLB Network has been pretty kind to the Chicago White Sox this offseason with their top-ten player rankings by position. They probably had the reigning MVP in Jose Abreu ranked a little bit too low but they certainly nailed the Sox having two of then ten best relievers in baseball (Liam Hendriks, Aaron Bummer). Now, they left Yoan Moncada off the top-ten third baseman list. It doesn’t seem right to have a Gold Glove nominee off of this list but it does make a little bit of sense at this point in time.

Yoan Moncada’s 2021 season should absolutely get him known as a top-ten third baseman.

We all know how crazy 2020 was on and off the baseball field. Well, one player who suffered the most is Yoan Moncada. He contracted COVID-19 right when the White Sox were getting ready to start their return to play 60 game season. It was tough on him as he never truly had his full energy back. He was really good in the field defensively at third base but his offensive numbers were underwhelming by his standards.

He only slashed .225/.320/.385 with an OPS of .705. He hit six home runs, had 24 RBIs, and 28 runs scored. Those aren’t the greatest stats of all-time and he knows it. The White Sox had that incredible season with little to no help offensively from Moncada who many consider one of their most important players. If the rest of the players around him continue getting better and outdo themselves in 2021 along with a bounce-back season from Moncada, this team is going to be so good.

In order for Moncada to get on a list like this, he needs to get back to being a top ten hitter in baseball (top three in the AL) like he was in 2019. If he is fully recovered from the virus, that should really help as well. He is still the face of the rebuild as the prospect who got it all started so it would be nice to see him get back to form in 2021. The MLB will recognize him once he is worthy again.

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Every single one of the guys on that list is elite right now. Even the ones at the bottom of the top-ten are incredible. There is room for Moncada on this list but there is work to be done. The fact that the White Sox have a powerhouse lineup should really help him as well. With a full Spring Traning and 162 games on the slate, this should be a big year for him. This list won’t mean anything when Moncada and the White Sox are preparing for game one of the 2021 Postseason.