White Sox: Tim Anderson is clearly confident in the 2021 team

White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /

Chicago White Sox star, Tim Anderson, has never been one to bite his tongue. Whenever he has a chance to speak his mind he does so. That is one of the reasons Tim Anderson is so beloved as what you see is what you get.

He was at it again this week on NBC Sports Chicago’s White Sox Talk Podcast. He touched on a variety of topics during his interview with Chuck Garfien including how he believed the White Sox were “too laidback” in 2020.

"“We need that dog in us” Anderson said. “We need some, let’s go out here and whoop these “explicit” [guys]”"

If that does not get you fired up for next season I don’t know what will. If Dallas Keuchel‘s mom taught us anything it’s that all you need is a little colorful language to rally the troops. Coincidentally, Anderson is not the first player to publicly comment on the White Sox clubhouse lackadaisical attitude last season.

Dallas Keuchel also spoke about it earlier in the offseason saying:

"“It was a lot of show up when you want and do whatever you want to do. And if to provide a winning culture sure, we’re going to have a lot of fun, which we did, but there’s different values in showing up, getting your work done and making sure your ready to go. So I had to do a lot of teaching”."

While these both sound like subtle shots at Rick Renteria, Anderson noted on the podcast that he was initially not a fan when La Russa was hired. Anderson had a close relationship with Renteria saying

"“I felt the bonds were so tight, that I wasn’t open for anything new.”"

He has begun to open his mind about the new manager and believes that a new attitude that comes along with it will help take the White Sox back to the promised land.

"“We need that type of attitude versus like, ‘Are we going to win today?’ No. ‘Let’s go out there and whoop ’em. It might be 10-0 in the first, let’s keep going. That type of winning, not just feel around and see what happens. From the first inning, let’s go.”"

It is clear the 2019 batting champion is out to change the game as well as the culture on the South Side. The additions of Liam Hendriks and Adam Eaton should also provide the White Sox with a much-needed edge.

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Even the White Sox hitting coach, Frank Menechino has embraced this mentality saying that it’s World Series or bust. The rest of the American League better get off the tracks because a White Sox train is about to come barreling down on them.