White Sox: Eloy Jimenez believes he will be an MVP one day

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox has a stud in Eloy Jimenez. The Chicago Cubs sent him over along with Dylan Cease in exchange for Jose Quintana and it was a completely lopsided trade in favor of the White Sox. One thing that comes with Jimenez being an elite player is the fact that he is such a joy of a human being. He is one of the friendliest people to ever play for the White Sox. Now, the White Sox are ready to win and Jimenez is a huge part of it.

He is literally a superstar offensive player. Since coming into the league, he has been one of the three best hitters on the White Sox. People see him as a power hitter because he does have a tremendous amount of power but he also can put the ball in play as well as any player in the league. So far in his career, he has a slash of .276/.321/.527 with an OPS of .848. He has 45 home runs and 120 RBIs in 177 games.

In 2020, his numbers (despite the short season) were even better. He slashed .296/.332/.559 with an OPS of .891. He hit 14 home runs and had 41 RBIs in 55 games. That is a pace of 41 home runs and 120 RBIs which are just unbelievable numbers. It is even more impressive when you remember that he was only in his second big league season.

He hasn’t even scratched the surface of his potential and he is already a borderline MVP candidate. He didn’t receive any votes for MVP in 2020 despite those good numbers. There is a chance that is the case because Jose Abreu won the award and Tim Anderson came in seventh. He did, however, win the Silver Slugger Award because of his numbers.

The good news is that Jimenez believes he will win the MVP one day in his career. He told the media that he thinks he can win the award one day. Honestly, it is good that he believes that. Baseball isn’t about individual awards but if Jimenez is in that MVP conversation every year, the White Sox will probably win a lot of games because of it.

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Jimenez isn’t the only guy with this ceiling. There are so many guys on this team that are good enough to be MVPs so if Jimenez gets there, and he should, this lineup is going to be even more dangerous. With all of this talent around him, that also might help him have even better numbers. Hopefully, his dream of being an MVP comes true one day. He deserves it.