White Sox: Tim Anderson’s belief in Tony La Russa is encouraging

(Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images)
(Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have a huge season coming up. This team is going into the year with World Series or bust expectations for the first time in a very long time. The 2006 season is probably the last time that they were really able to say that going into the season. Now, they look to their new manager to lead them to where he has led other teams in the past.

The Tony La Russa manager hiring was very surprising. It also came with a bit of controversy that everybody knows about at this point. All of the reasons that hiring La Russa is controversial are very valid and even he has recognized that. The comforting thing in all of this is how Tim Anderson has responded to his interactions with La Russa since this all began. If there is anyone on the team to trust with this, it is Anderson.

There are quotes out there that came out on Monday about Tim Anderson’s support of La Russa. He believes that they have the right guy. That is good news for White Sox fans because Anderson is one of the leaders on this club and his approval is important. It does feel like it took him a while to warm up to the idea but one on one conversations has allowed Anderson to see things differently.

Anderson also said that La Russa has the drive to win that this young White Sox team needs. That is something that all fans should want to hear because this team has an elite roster. They need a manager that is going to do what they need to do to win. Bullpen management, lineup construction, and a good balance of analytics and feel for the game are the most important things. La Russa has proved throughout his career that he can do some of those things.

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Tim Anderson is going to have an outstanding year. He continues to get better and better each year and now he has as much talent around him as he has ever had. If he has this good of a relationship with the coach, you can probably expect him to stay motivated as well which could help him improve even more. There are some seriously good vibes coming from this White Sox team right now.