Chicago White Sox: Three players who are probably gone after 2021

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The Chicago White Sox are going to be a good team in 2021 and for the foreseeable future after that. They have built an elite core and they really aren’t even done with it as they still have plenty of prospects that they are so excited about. With that, comes a harsh reality for some players. The players who are not a lock to be a part of the core need to be so awesome if they want to stick around.

The White Sox are good enough to not be wasting any time with players who don’t perform. These are three players who need to be awesome in 2021 otherwise they aren’t going to be there after the year:

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We sort of thought 2020 was going to be the last year for Carlos Rodon but boy were we wrong. That is proof that this list is all based on “probably” and not a stone-cold fact but it is fair to assume that he won’t be back in 2022 if he doesn’t pitch well this year. He hasn’t pitched well in a long time and when he has pitched well, it didn’t last long before he was injured.

Rodon has had many injury issues over the last few years and that has really stunted his development. When he was a really high draft pick, it was assumed that he would eventually be at or near the top of the rotation. Since then, they have rebuilt the roster and many players have passed him but that doesn’t mean he can’t be good. It was surprising that they brought him back to try it again but he better take advantage of it this year or he will be gone.