Chicago White Sox Video: Jimenez and Robert need to figure it out

(Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox has two studs in Eloy Jimenez and Luis Robert. They are both superstars that can impact the game in a positive way in pretty much every game. It is awesome to watch for the most part but there is one huge problem. Jimenez is a terrible outfielder (left field) and Robert is a little bit too good at centerfield. Whenever there is a ball hit to the left-center field area, it is fair to assume that the ball belongs to Robert who can cover so much ground.

Well, in Monday’s spring training game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, there was yet another miscommunication between the two. Robert caught the ball but Jimenez went running into Robert who isn’t someone you want to run into. If this doesn’t get corrected, one or both of them is going to get hurt.

Jimenez is naturally going to take the blame for this but it does seem like Robert took a ball that was hit more to left than centerfield. The centerfielder is supposed to be the voice out there and everyone else is supposed to listen to him so you can look at it from that angle too. Either way, the fact remains that the two need to figure out how to improve their communication.

These are two of the five most important players in the organization and will be for the next seven years or more. Knowing that fact, the White Sox need to keep them as healthy as possible. We can’t be having either of them hurt, especially on something as preventable as this.

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There are plenty of important things that a coach needs to go over after each game, especially in spring training. Well, after this game, Tony La Russa’s number one priority should be talking to these two and figuring it out. It is as simple as telling Jimenez to back off when Robert calls it. Even if it looks to the naked eye that the ball belongs to Jimenez, you have to trust Robert’s judgment as he is the captain of the outfield.