Chicago White Sox: This is the perfect 2021 starting lineup 2.0

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Chicago White Sox, Jose Abreu
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The Chicago White Sox have been so good at building their roster up from nothing. We are seeing it with starting pitching, the bullpen, and the batting order. They have everything they need to contend for a World Series. They just have to put all of those tools together to form a team that is good enough to do it. With Tony La Russa there and a lot of new members on the coaching staff, they should be able to take a big leap forward in 2021.

The Chicago White Sox is a team set to have a scary batting order in 2021.

Earlier in the offseason, we went over what would be their perfect 2021 lineup. It included potential free agents or trades that could be made along with the usual suspects. Not every one of those dreams came true so it is a bit inaccurate now. They do, however, have some new faces ready to fill in the empty spots that were left after the 2020 season came to an end.

The White Sox now have a better idea about what they are going to send out on a daily basis. The pieces are there in spring training and the names that are going to show up on the first lineup card are pretty clear. We don’t know for sure the order but it is always fun to take a guess. It is, of course, an educated guess based on the 2020 season and what we have seen so far in spring training.

This lineup has a lot of depth, power, and speed. There are some great players who will come off the bench but the starting nine should look relatively similar in almost every game. This is the perfect order for them going into this new season: