Chicago White Sox: This is the perfect 2021 starting lineup 2.0

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1. Tim Anderson will lead off most games for the Chicago White Sox in 2021.

The Chicago White Sox has a great leadoff man in Tim Anderson. There will be times where the White Sox starts off with a 1-0 lead because of Anderson’s power. He is also known for just being one of the best pure hitters in the game. He won the MLB batting title in 2019 and came in second for the AL batting title in 2020. This guy knows how to hit the ball in play and hard.

With some of the big power that will come after him in the lineup, it is clear that this is a lethal person to have at the top of the order. It will also be nice late in games because of the players the White Sox have at the bottom of the order for Anderson to drive in as well. The fact that he is leading off means he gets an extra at-bat every game and there might not be a more clutch player on this team right now.

Anderson was the seventh-place finisher for the American League MVP in 2020. His defense was wildly improved and his offense was just as good as the year prior. We are going into the 2021 season with World Series expectations and Anderson is one of the biggest reasons why.