Chicago White Sox: Tim Anderson pulls funny FaceTime prank

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are a really fun team. Everything about them makes them likable. Of course, there are going to be plenty of Chicago Cubs, Minnesota Twins, and Cleveland Indians fans that don’t find them very fun but we know how awesome they are. As good as they are on the field, they are equally as entertaining off the field. One player who leads the pack is Tim Anderson. Not many in the game have a better personality.

Chicago White Sox star Tim Anderson creates laughs with a FaceTime prank.

The White Sox posted a video on their social media of Tim Anderson doing a little FaceTime prank using his iPhone. He would call people that he knows (recognizable names) and tell them that he was busy so he would call them back. All of them looked confused and responded with the classic “you called me first” line. It was some lighthearted fun that should make you smile a little bit.

There are some notable White Sox ties with the people he called. Amongst some other people, he called Jason Benetti, Lucas Giolito, and Kenny Williams. All of them seemed to find it funny which tells you some things about this team.

The thing that makes this awesome isn’t entirely about the prank. It is the fact that the White Sox are clearly a team that enjoys themselves and each other’s company. Teams that are losing or don’t have the expectations of winning a division and possibly more don’t have as much fun. Anderson is out there doing this and the White Sox embrace it as an organization.

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Between this, Yoan Moncada’s music career, and Eloy Jimenez’s comedy show after games, this team is so much fun even when baseball isn’t involved. The fact that they have the potential to win 100 games and make a run in the playoffs makes it even more exciting. Hopefully, this just another in a long line of fun content from this team.