Chicago White Sox risk it all with these trade packages for Kris Bryant

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Chicago White Sox, Kris Bryant
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Kris Bryant would make a really good right fielder for the Chicago White Sox.

The Chicago Cubs are lacking in prospects as of late. They sold off a lot over the last few years in order to get parts to compete for the World Series. They got one championship and had a few other deep playoff-runs so there are probably few regrets but they do need to replenish now. Trading Kris Bryant might be the best way to start that process. The White Sox are loaded in that department so they could be a fair trade partner.

Yoelqui Cespedes is the younger brother of Yoenis Cespedes who has been a Major League All-Star. The Cubs don’t have a long-term plan in either of their corner outfields and Cespedes could be that guy. They could also benefit from taking on a project like Micker Adolfo as well who is also an outfielder. Cespedes would be the main piece of the trade as he is expected to be a very good player someday.

The Cubs could also use some depth pitching. Zack Burdi is expected to reach the MLB sometime soon and the Cubs have spots open going forward. The White Sox are loaded in the relief pitching department right now so they might be willing to part with Burdi in order to acquire a player like Bryant.

This might be more than anyone thinks the Cubs can actually get for a player like Bryant. A handshake agreement on an extension might be needed in order for this to be worth it for the White Sox but you never know.