Chicago White Sox: Three trade packages for Zack Collins

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The Chicago White Sox might want a catcher in exchange for Zack Collins.

If the Chicago White Sox want a catcher in exchange for Zack Collins, they might want to make a call with the San Francisco Giants. They have an all-time great in Buster Posey but his time is coming to an end. They might want to use someone like Collins in the present day until one of their top catching prospects is ready. He can also make the shift to first base if that day came sooner than later.

The Giants have two catchers in their top ten prospect pool. Their number two prospect is a catcher named Joey Bart. He was the second overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft. He is the guy that they probably hope is the catcher of the future. Collins would be a good placeholder for him and he can even help him once he is ready. The DH is coming to the National League at some point (you would think) so that is an option too.

As for Patrick Bailey, the Giants selected him with the 13th overall pick of the first round in the 2020 MLB Draft. It will take even longer for him to be ready. He is the number six prospect for San Francisco right now so Bart is more well regarded at this time. If the White Sox added someone like Bailey, he might be ready right in time for Yasmanai Grandal’s departure in a few years.

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We don’t know if the White Sox are actually going to trade Collins any time soon, it just felt that way before spring training started. Now, if anything, his value has gone up but that might make the White Sox think twice about it. Hopefully, whatever decision they make is one that helps them become a better organization.