Chicago White Sox: Yoan Moncada hits one into another field

(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox has something special in Yoan Moncada. He wasn’t very good in 2020 because of COVID-19 side effects. It was tough to see but we know that he is going to be a star when he is healthy. He already showed us how good he can be in 2019 and he was just getting started. So far this spring season, he looks healthy and ready to go.

Yoan Moncada is doing everything he can to be completely ready for Chicago White Sox Opening Day.

He is going to be in the lineup on Opening Day, but we still have to make sure that he is feeling good once the regular season games begin. If spring training is any indication, we have nothing to worry about. This guy has been on fire for a while now. He pretty much finds himself on base every single game and has a combination of everything you need from a hitter.

With Eloy Jimenez out of the lineup, Yoan Moncada’s resurgence is going to be a big key in replacing him. The White Sox had one of the most potent offenses in recent memory with little to no production from Moncada in 2020. Now, imagine that lineup when Jimenez is back and a healthy Moncada. This is going to be fun if they can get there with a good record.

So far this spring, Moncada has impressed people with that previously mentioned ability to get on base. He has also shown a tremendous amount of power. In yesterday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers, Moncada hit a baseball as far as he possibly can. The ball left the playing field but it also left the park completely. It landed on the field that was right next to the one they were playing on.

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Moncada has one of the nicest swings visually as any player in Major League Baseball. He has the ability to do it all but when he gets all of one, it will go a long way. This, we hope, is a sign of things to come. He took a beanball right before hitting this home run and looked a little shaken up rounding the bases but he should be fine. He left the game naturally after the home run but he will be back. He is one of the most important players this team has and we can only hope that this dominance continues.