Chicago White Sox: Benches clear in game four vs Cleveland

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

In a game where every player on both sides is wearing the number 42 to honor Jackie Robinson, the Chicago White Sox players and Cleveland Indians players decided to have some problems in the first inning. It was something that was a bit strange because it was literally hard to identify who was involved once the benches were clear but how it started was perfectly clear.

The Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians had the benches clear in game four of their series.

Tim Anderson led the bottom of the first inning off with a single. Adam Eaton singled to right and Anderson made it to third. With the ball being thrown to third, Eaton tried to stretch it out to a double. Eaton was called out but it was clear that he was pushed off the base. He gave a shove while arguing with the umpires about the call. As a result, both benches and bullpens cleared out and it was chaos.

Eaton has a case but the umpires didn’t change the call. He was out and Eaton was furious. Anderson remained on third with one out. Jose Abreu would strike out before Yoan Moncada hit Anderson in for a 1-0 White Sox lead. It was a crazy inning for the White Sox as they took the lead.

This came not even 24 hours after Carlos Rodon threw a no-hitter. The night before saw Lucas Giolito and Shane Bieber grind it to the tenth inning at 0-0. The night before that was a White Sox walk-off due to a throwing error. It is safe to say that this series was crazy.

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Eaton surely believes he was safe on the play but the umpires were never going to change the call. It is a shame that it happened that way because the White Sox might have scored more runs in the first inning had the right call been made but it is what it is. It does feel like the White Sox are finally starting to get it going with the intensity that they need to be successful this year.