Three Chicago White Sox who’ll be gone by All-Star break

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Chicago White Sox, Billy Hamilton
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Things have been up and down to start the season for the Chicago White Sox. We don’t expect that to continue as the roster gets a bit more healthy this season. It will also be an improved team when the stars wake up a little bit more.

By the All-Star break, they should be well over .500. As of right now, there are three guys on the roster who probably won’t even make it to that point with the team. If everyone gets healthy and the right guys are playing well, these are the three you can expect to be gone by that time:

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The Chicago White Sox already has Billy Hamilton on the injured list this year.

Billy Hamilton was brought in during spring training. He is a guy who made the roster because of the fact that Eloy Jimenez was injured and likely going to be out for a very long time. It also didn’t help that Adam Engel is out too. Engel, however, should be back sometime next week so that means that Hamilton’s days are probably numbered. It doesn’t help that he himself got hurt and hasn’t been able to prove that he should stick.

Hamilton is a nice guy to have on your bench as a speedy guy who can play some outfield. For the Sox, however, they have plenty of other players who can do that job and them some better. Don’t be surprised if he sticks for a little bit after his injury but by the All-Star break, he should be gone. The White Sox need to be using players who are much better if they want to compete for the playoffs seriously.