Three Chicago White Sox who’ll be gone by All-Star break

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Jake Lamb hasn’t been hitting well for the Chicago White Sox so far this season.

The Chicago White Sox brought in Jake Lamb during spring training. He was already on his second team of the spring by the time he arrived with the Sox but he stuck around thanks to some of the depth issues that they had. He made the team over Danny Mendick because his bat was needed more thanks to the Jimenez injury.

So far, Lamb hasn’t lived up to his end of the bargain. The bat hasn’t been as effective as we would have thought. In fact, Danny Mendick probably provides more value to the team all-around even without Eloy in the lineup. We hope that he can get his bat going while he is here but we don’t expect him to stick for very long this year.

None of these guys are guaranteed to be gone but it does seem like they are the three most likely. This team is World Series good when healthy but they need to be more consistent. That won’t happen if guys like this are playing every day trying to win games in the bottom of the 10th inning. Some better decisions have to be made going forward and playing the best players that you have available to you is one of them.