3 Chicago Cubs that the Chicago White Sox can save via trade

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Chicago White Sox, Javier Baez
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The Chicago White Sox would be able to save Javier Baez’s bat right away.

Let’s be very clear about something. For a few-year stretch, Javier Baez was one of the very best and most exciting baseball players in the world. He had a couple of years where he was extra special and even MVP-worthy. Now that we got that off our chest, we can say that he has been straight-up bad in 2020 and 2021. It is enough of a sample size for the Cubs to be worried.

It makes it even worse for him that they offered him a lot of money that he turned down before the COVID-19 pandemic. It looks now like he might not be worth half of what they offered him. His stats are bad and his elite defense isn’t enough to outweigh how bad he has been at the plate. He strikes out so much which is a major issue. He is still on pace for good power numbers (home runs, RBIs, etc) but his average and OPS are terrible.

We know how talented he is and that could get him out of the funk but the Cubs aren’t going to keep him if it continues. That might be something for the White Sox to take advantage of. They might be willing to give up a few prospects in order to acquire a player like him. He is never taking Tim Anderson’s spot (because he is clearly the better player) but there are plenty of ways to get him in the lineup and try to improve his approach.