Chicago White Sox: Apparent issues with Miguel Cabrera, Tigers

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(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox played one of their most frustrating games of the season on Tuesday night. There was a lot of bad decision-making made by the manager and poor performances by most of the players that led to the loss. Now, it sounds like there is some beef between the Tigers and White Sox based on some of the events that happened during the game. It may or may not carry over into the future but it is certainly interesting.

The Chicago White Sox might have an issue with the Detroit Tigers right now.

Apparently, there are some players on the White Sox that believe that Tiger base runners were stealing signs and relaying them to the rest of the team. Whether the accusation is true or not is a different issue but Miguel Cabrera didn’t take it too kindly. He unloaded on the White Sox, specifically Nick Madrigal, and claimed that “they don’t play that game”.

Cabrera told the media that Madrigal was telling Lucas Giolito and Yasmani Grandal that the Tigers were passing signs. Then he used plenty of curse words to describe why that wasn’t the case and why the White Sox don’t need to be accusing them of that.

Of course, when you think about it deeply, there are some reasons to wonder about the situation. The manager of the Detroit Tigers is AJ Hinch who was fired by the Houston Astros after the sign-stealing scandal that took place there. There might be teams paranoid about the situation simply because he is in the dugout but Cabrera didn’t agree with it at all.

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Miguel Cabrera is one of the greatest hitters in the history of the sport. He also showed in this press conference where he blasted the White Sox that he is there to compete this year, despite his team being in the middle of a tough rebuild. The White Sox need to take this Detroit team seriously because they are going to compete hard. Hopefully, none of this carries over into any future games between the two teams.