Chicago White Sox: Dylan Cease is ready to hit a Major League HR

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are getting ready to play their first National League opponent of the season in the Cincinnati Reds. It is going to come in an NL ballpark so the pitcher is going to bat. It is annoying that the DH is back in that league but it is what it is. Nobody wants to watch hitters be bad at hitting rather than someone awesome like Yermin Mercedes. However, it is good to know that Dylan Cease might be able to hit when needed.

Dylan Cease of the Chicago White Sox is capable of hitting one out of the park.

On Sunday afternoon, Chuck Garfien of NBC Sports Chicago reported that Dylan Cease was taking batting practice ahead of their game against the Cleveland Indians. He wasn’t pitching that day but he knew he was getting the first start in a National League ballpark. If he has a good night on the mound, you can probably expect him to get at least two plate appearances in the game.

In this batting practice, he hit multiple baseballs out of the ballpark which is exciting. Nobody expects him to come in and hit his first career Major League home run against the Reds but it would be cool to see him put together a few good plate appearances.

The White Sox almost never see their hitters hit so none of them are ever really good at it. There will be guys like Yermin Mercedes, Zack Collins, or Andrew Vaughn (depending on the lineups) on the bench to hit for the pitchers in certain situations. It should be an interesting series because Tony La Russa is going to have even more decisions to make which is not what the fans want to hear right now.

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Seeing Cease do this in batting practice to get ready, at the very minimum, should excite some people. That means that the team is always looking ahead no matter what. They are also trying to improve their chances to win no matter what. This is going to be a lot of fun to watch.