Chicago White Sox: ESPN is finally giving them some respect

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

We have gotten pretty used to seeing ESPN disrespect the Chicago White Sox over the years. They haven’t always given them much love in any way but it all seems to be changing. It started off this week when they named them as the number one team in their power rankings. It is a fair ranking as the White Sox literally looks like the best team in baseball now. They have some key injuries and they still find a way to win a majority of their games.

On Friday, Jesse Rogers of ESPN put out a very nice article about the White Sox being the best (and most interesting) team in Major League Baseball. Now, Jesse covers both the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs for ESPN dot com and is always kind to them when they deserve it but it is still good to see that from ESPN nonetheless. Jesse bringing how awesome the White Sox are to the national stage is great for the team.

The Chicago White Sox deserves to be recognized for how great they are.

After splitting a Friday doubleheader, they go into the weekend with a first-place record of 23-14. They have the best run differential in the sport too which shows that their offense and pitching are both elite. They do what they do on offense without being a great home run team. Putting the ball in play is what drives the bus for them right now and that is a great way to win.

As mentioned before, this team is dealing with a ton of injuries. People in the country deserve to know how resilient the White Sox have been through it all. Eloy Jimenez and Luis Robert are two pillars to the organization’s success. They are both elite players and most teams wouldn’t be able to sustain success after losing two players that mean that much.

This White Sox team also has some sweet stories that would make anyone smile. For one, Yermin Mercedes has been one of the best hitters in the league so far this year. He was a Minor League rule five draft pick so his chances of making the MLB were incredibly small. It is an incredible story that everyone wants to be a part of.

Another great story is Carlos Rodon. This guy was cut by the White Sox in December after a few bad seasons in a row. He was often injured and inconsistent. The White Sox took a chance on him again late in the offseason and he has been Cy Young good. He is now looked at as one of the leaders on the team. It has been a remarkable turnaround.

The White Sox offense is elite without home runs. light. Related Story

Even the manager, Tony La Russa, is a compelling story. He is literally in the Hall of Fame already and decided to come back to manage. The White Sox have seen him make a few costly mistakes so far in the season but nobody can argue with their record. The story surrounding him now will be the decision-making he makes as the season goes along. As long as no October games are blown because of the manager, he is in a position to succeed.

A team loaded with stars like Michael Kopech, Jose Abreu, Yoan Moncada, Lucas Giolito, Lance Lynn, and Tim Anderson amongst others, deserves to be talked about amongst the best in the league. It was great to see ESPN finally show them some love. Hopefully, this continues throughout the season as the White Sox continues to get even better and healthier.