Chicago White Sox: Jose Abreu wanted to play in the second game

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The Chicago White Sox lost out on their winning streak when the Kansas City Royals defeated them in the first half of the Friday doubleheader. In that game, Jose Abreu collided with Hunter Dozier of the Kansas City Royals and came out. It was a scary moment but it sounds like he is going to be okay. The White Sox announced that his concussion test came back negative. They also said he is day to day with a facial contusion and laceration as well as a bruised left knee.

Jose Abreu of the Chicago White Sox doesn’t like to miss any games at all.

Tony La Russa confirmed after the first game that Abreu wanted to play in the second game. Of course, it didn’t happen but it should have surprised nobody to hear that. If La Russa would have let him, he would have played. Don’t even be slightly surprised if he plays later on Saturday night. Abreu has that mentality that he needs to play in every game. He is obsessed with helping his teammates win.

The White Sox needs Abreu in the future which is why it was probably smart to have him sit anyway. It is a really nice thing to have a guy that good be that much of a leader and competitor but the rest of the season is much more important.

Luckily, without their premier run producer in the lineup, they were able to defeat the Kansas City Royals in the second game. Abreu’s future successor, Andrew Vaughn, played first base and gave the White Sox a 2-0 lead with a blast of a home run. It is crazy how that worked out but the White Sox still needs Abreu to be back as soon as possible.

It can’t be said enough how important it is. He played in all 60 games during the 2020 season and won the MVP. Abreu got off to sort of a slow start. Once he started to get hot, however, he really started to go off. Now he looks like that MVP that we all know and love. Getting him back as soon as possible is going to really spark the team.

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Even when the second game ended, a large portion of the questions for Tony La Russa and Michael Kopech was about Abreu. Both of them admitted that the clubhouse was a little down after the first game going into the second because of it. Luckily, we know Abreu wanted to play anyway and is going to be back in no time.