Chicago White Sox: It is time to call up Gavin Sheets from AAA

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The Chicago White Sox has a lot of good young talent throughout the organization. We have seen some big-time prospects come up through the minors and reach the majors at different speeds. Well, some injuries have left room for a few experiments. One of those experiments has been Jake Lamb. He joined Spring Training late and made the team. However, that experiment is failing so they need to cut bait. One person who could replace him is Gavin Sheets.

It is time for the Chicago White Sox to call up Gavin Sheets from AAA.

Now that a few weeks of the season are gone, Andrew Vaughn, Nick Madrigal, Michael Kopech, and Garrett Crochet have all graduated from being considered prospects, Gavin Sheets is listed as the White Sox number nine prospect on MLB dot com. Being a top ten prospect in any organization is great let alone one as deep as the Chicago White Sox.

Sheets deserves a chance to come up because of the way he has played in AAA for the Charlotte Knights. Right now, he leads the team in many offensive categories. He has a slash line of .367/.415/.633 with an OPS of 1.048. He has three home runs, 13 RBIs, and 5 runs scored so far. These are incredible statistics for a player on a team that has 12 games played.

Jake Lamb was horrific defensively in the one game he played first base. Andrew Vaughn is stuck playing left field for right now and it is less than ideal to have Yasmani Grandal play first base when Zack Collins is behind the plate in case of an injury. It would be much better to have Gavin Sheets playing first base on days that Jose Abreu is taking a break by playing the role of the designated hitter.

It has become a topic of conversation amongst White Sox fans over the last few days. Sheets has been so good in the minors and people are starting to notice. It is fun to have a deep prospect pool that has names in the bottom half of the top ten tearing up the Minor Leagues like this.

If he comes up to the majors and is looking good, that will make decision-making even harder going forward with all of these good players. That would be a good problem to have, of course. The White Sox have been waiting for seasons like this for a long time.

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Sheets deserves a lot of credit for the way he played. He was on Tony La Russa’s shortlist to be the DH in place of Vaughn when Eloy Jimenez went down. Yermin Mercedes obviously took that job instead which was clearly a smart decision but Sheets isn’t out of it. He took that motivation to the Knights and is making an impact. It is going to be a lot of fun to watch him once he reaches Major League Baseball.